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In-game Activation
Case Study

Utilising immerzo's platform, Defit integrated a 3D interactive branded asset into roblox. This approach involved partnering with a roblox game creator to manage and implement the project effectively. The strategy focused on tracking engagement with the asset, demonstrating how Immerzo's unique capabilities in the gaming and metaverse arenas can facilitate innovative marketing solutions

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Case Study Breakdown


Defit, a move-to-earn app, aimed to expand by reaching the vast gaming community. Their challenge was marketing effectively in digital gaming spaces by finding the right creators and understanding the dynamics. This was crucial for promoting their fitness concept to a non-traditional audience, emphasising the need to engage in interactive platforms.


Immerzo provided Defit with functionalities like creator matchmaking, project management, and engagement analytics on a platform. The platform identified suitable gaming creators, aligned them with Defit’s goals, and simplified campaign creation and management. With Immerzo’s analytics tools, Defit could measure campaign performance, engagement, and conversion, refining strategies for gaming and metaverse spaces.


Defit partnered with Immerzo's platform to implement their campaign, starting with finding the right gaming creator from Immerzo's extensive pool. This ensured alignment with Defit's brand and target audience. This matchmaking was crucial for the campaign’s authentic engagement in the gaming community.

Using Immerzo's platform, Defit communicated directly with the chosen creator, providing detailed campaign objectives, ensuring brand alignment.

Immerzo assisted in creating 3D interactive branded assets tailored for integration into the creator's Roblox game. These assets, including a running boy and an animated coin, seamlessly blended into the gaming environment, enhancing engagement. After creation, Immerzo delivered the assets to the creator, who successfully integrated them into the Roblox game, resulting in an interactive experience that met campaign goals and resonated with the game’s audience.


With the use of Immerzo, Defit’s campaign yielded significant outcomes. The campaign generated 100,000 monthly clicks and interactions with the branded assets since its implementation, showcasing a high level of user engagement. With a remarkable 90% engagement rate, nearly everyone who visited the game interacted with it. As a result, Defit experienced a 20% increase in app downloads, indicating a successful expansion of their user base within the gaming community.

The strategic utilisation of Immerzo’s platform, coupled with the seamless integration of immersive 3D interactive branded assets, proved to be instrumental in capturing the attention of the target audience and driving user interaction within Roblox. The in-depth analytics provided by Immerzo enabled Defit to track and measure the campaign’s performance effectively, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and optimise their marketing strategies for enhanced results in the dynamic gaming landscape. The results obtained from this case study underscore the effectiveness of leveraging Immerzo’s platform for engaging with the gaming community, showcasing tangible outcomes in terms of user engagement, brand visibility, and app downloads for Defit.

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